Working with a Coach

Every session starts with a blank slate. 

As your coach, I will spend time listening to you, helping you figure out what your personal health and wellness goals are and how they intersect and affect you holistically. We’ll create and carry out an “inspired action” plan. But don’t worry; we’ll tackle this in manageable, bite-sized chunks.

First, you’ll want to take time before each session to determine what YOU would like to take away from our time together. This is called the “Client Agenda.” You can email me your agenda, and any background information you think may be helpful, at least 24 hours prior to our session.

Whole life coaching is a valuable investment. You can protect your investment by arriving at each session on time with an intention to be centered, ready to engage and take meaningful action.

I will listen closely to you, ask questions and respond to what I hear. If I hear something in your voice, language or word choice that sparks an intuitive thought, I’ll share my insight immediately. Often, it is the small moments that have the power to bring about big shifts. But if I’m not on target, just tell me; I’m not attached to being right. We’ll get to the truth of the matter together, through dialogue and exploration.

At the end of each session, you and I will set goals for you to work on before our next session. I ask clients to stretch themselves in lots of different ways. I might request that you deepen the work done in our session through a writing exercise, taking some specific action, or resolving a relationship or other situation that feels incomplete. Of course you are always free to accept, decline or negotiate these “assignments.”
I encourage you to give me in-the-moment feedback at any time during your coaching experience!

Through this process, we will Create Balance. Be Confident. Evolve.