Let it Go, Let it Go!

Whenever I hear this phrase all I can think of is the movie “Frozen”. Think about how nice it would be to let things “go”. What would letting go mean for you?
Recently, I’ve begun sitting in silence for at least 15 minutes each morning in order to work on “letting things go”, working on being “me”. Trust me when I say that it isn’t easy; one’s mind can be very active but if you can draw your attention back to your breath, you will find that sitting in silence is calming and full of discovery.
I read a quote recently by Ann Landers, it states: “Some people believe holding on and hanging in there are signs of great strength. However, there are times when it takes much more strength to know when to let go and then do it.” It is important to let go as it relinquishes our hold on unhealthy attachment to ideas, things and struggles that we’ve experienced in life. It is important to let go of negative thoughts in order to let clear, positive things into our lives.
As we grow and mature in our lives we come to an understanding of what we need to hold onto, what needs to be left behind because it no longer serves us. Personal growth and change can be extremely uncomfortable, but nothing in life is as painful as staying stuck in a place where we don’t belong. Growing means moving out of our comfort zone, trying something new or a new way of thinking. Another quote: “Change the way you think and the way you think will change.” I’ve posted this quote on my refrigerator so that I can see it many times during my day (yes, I love food)! Have you been holding onto a particular thought that no longer serves you, makes you feel sad or emotional? Work on letting it go.

At different times over the last several years, I found myself hanging onto “things/thoughts” that no longer serve me. I was fueled by my anger which I felt throughout my entire body. Holding onto the negative is easy, the hard part is making a change for the better. In order to find clarity, I began sitting quietly for 10 minutes each morning, then I increased my time gradually. Through quietness, I found answers, I slowly let go of the things and people that I had felt “wronged” by. By “letting go” I felt a release in my body, over several months, a calm began to take place, the anger was dissipating. I encourage you to try sitting with your thoughts, send the negative thoughts out of your mind, imagine them floating out the window, never to return.
Here is a short 5 minute video to get you started. Try it out and see what takes place for you, feel free to explore the thoughts that come to your mind, letting go of things that no longer serve you. Do not judge, just be with your thoughts, see what they may reveal.