About Me

Hello, I’m Wendy,

Why did I decided to become a life coach?  Simply put: change.  I went through two major life changing events within two years of each other. When this happened, I needed to pick myself up and put my life back together.

I also had to figure out who I was. Self-discovery is often difficult. We have to be still long enough to really discover who we are and what we need for our existence. This is a huge amount of work but well worth it.

Life can be scary no matter what the situation. Maybe we aren’t even sure of what needs to change in our lives but we have that niggling feeling, that one in your gut, the one that makes you take notice, that something needs to shift, something needs to change!   And maybe your are experiencing some of the physical identifiers that go off, the aches in your back, the tight shoulders, headaches, grinding of your teeth and more.  

Does this sound familiar?

Not only have I experienced changes in my life but I have educated and coached others for over 16 years on self-discovery, techniques to reduce and relieve stress, as well as mindfulness skills. Together I’ve helped people find balance, increase confidence and identify their positive powerful self.

Now, it’s your turn. 


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